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Lauren Dougall Vaughan

* Dougall Pottery
Hand-thrown stoneware pottery
* Paintings
Landscapes and animal portraits in watercolour and pastel
* Reproductions
Matted and framed lithograph prints and art cards
* Weaving
Wool rugs, throws and runners

Lauren is an artist of varied talents. A graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design with a B.F.A. degree in Fine Arts and Art Education, she has been one of Nova Scotia’s favorite potters for more than three decades. After graduation Lauren opened the “Dougall Pottery Studio”. Decorative and functional pieces of varying designs and sizes in her well established and popular natural earth colours, pastel blues and greens have been collected by customers far and wide.
As a watercolour and pastel artist her landscapes of Scotland, Cape Breton and other Nova Scotia sites possess a convincing atmosphere for those familiar with the areas. Her renditions of animals, especially pets, are treasured by their owners in Canada and abroad as true and meaningful likenesses.
As a weaver, Lauren creates wool runners, rugs, throws and wall hangings.
For many years Lauren’s work was available at art galleries in the Annapolis Valley, Halifax, Cape Breton, and the South Shore of Nova Scotia. During the 1980 and 1990s Lauren owned and operated her own Art Gallery, Vaughan’s Stationery Store and the Imperial Theater featuring films and live entertainment in downtown Windsor.
Lauren’s “Dougall Pottery Studio” and painting studio are located at South Cove, Cape Breton where she lives year round with her husband, retired surgeon and artist Garth Vaughan and their several dogs.

351 Birch Point Road, Little Narrows, Cape Breton, N.S., B0E1T0, Canada

Phone :: 902-756-3531
Fax :: 902 756 - 2187

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