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Windsor Hockey Heritage Society - WHHS

The WHHS was formed in 1992 with the following objectives:

  1. To promote Windsor, Nova Scotia as the Birthplace of Hockey.
  2. To continue research into the development of Ice Hockey in Nova Scotia.
  3. To develop a Hockey Heritage Centre to depict the development of Ice Hockey from a recreational to an organized game, as it is an important part of the heritage of Windsor, of Nova Scotia, and of Canada.
  4. To develop a Hockey School and promote sports education for youth, the originators of Canada's Great National Winter Game.
  5. To program tournaments and events involving hockey celebrities of present and past, during a special annual Hockey Week in mid-winter.
  6. To build an arena for the promotion of Skating and Ice Hockey year round and to dedicate it to the local hockey players and others who played and helped develop the game and brought hockey fame to Windsor.

Motto: "Supporting Hockey for Youth -
the Originators of Canada's Great National Game".

To Learn more about Ice Hockey History see
The Birthplace of Hockey, Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada -
The WHHS Website

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