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"The Puck Starts Here"
by Garth Vaughan

"The Puck Starts Here" tells of how the love of hockey spread from Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada to Halifax and Dartmouth, and from schoolboys to the soldiers in the garrisons. Then the soldiers and cadets took hockey with them to Montreal, to Kingston, and to Ottawa. There, James Creighton, a Halifax native, taught the game to the sons of his boss, Governor General Lord Stanley, who donated the world famous Stanley Cup.

In words and pictures, Garth Vaughan traces the evolution of Canada's winter obsession - the game itself, the skates, sticks, and other equipment, and the early leagues. "The Puck Starts Here" makes thrilling reading for hockey fans and players of all ages.

The Puck Starts Here is sold out/out of print, but available in most libraries across Canada. It is also sometimes available on EBay and as a 'collectible' item.

Name of book: "The Puck Starts Here"
Author: Garth Vaughan
Order #: isbn. - 0-86492-212-4
Publishers: Goose Lane Editions & Four East Publications

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